Growing Vegetables In Buckets

If you want to grow vegetables, but don't have a garden plot, we have a solution. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and many other veggies and herbs with this "Open Source" system.

After years of study and research, we are convinced that water conservation and food production are the keys to meeting our global needs. That is why we've developed the SIPer (not a zipper). The SIPer stands for Subsurface Irrigation Planter. Whether you live in a congested city without adequate water, an apartment or condo, or a building with a flat roof, the SIPer can meet your needs.

Basically it's a 5 gallon recycled bucket with water on the bottom and soil on top separated by a divider. Thru the use of wicking strips, water is transferred to the soil as needed. A tube with a dipstick is used for refilling. The dipstick is used to monitor the water level.

Tests have shown that the SIPer uses 1/3 the water, 1/3 the soil, and 1/3 the time of a
conventional garden.

If you are a church, school, not-for-profit or an individual that wants to grow and possibly sell vegetables or SIPers, please check out our website, www.thesiper.com, to see how you can meet your needs while making a difference in our world.